Summer 2020 Collection: L'amour

"To all the women we love and who give us immense strength thanks to the love they have for us. Those who have inspired us with their beauty, their charm, their intelligence, their strength, their smile, their heart , their energy, their cheerfulness and their joy. Each model bears the name of a woman we admire."

Summer 1967 - A feeling of nostalgia at first, nostalgia for the countryside of southern Europe, with its illuminated woods, its turquoise rivers, its white chairs and tables, its terracotta tiles surveying the floors of luxurious old family homes. Summer idleness made up of piano scores and old readings, the cicadas chirping at dawn, these little evenings with friends around a good table, these card games during the aperitif, swimming in the thin river beds. Technology no longer exists, the very essence of life resumes its course, a scent of joy and calm settles in.

The House

Vast residence, a sumptuous vestige of the past, built in the countryside a few steps from the sea. The stairs are made of stone and the walls are white to provide a little freshness. The wooden doors creak and the piano waits for talented hands to touch it.
The garden all around the villa is planted with vegetation. Hundreds of lavender and laurel trees and pine trees providing shade for the hammock.

The weather

Desire takes its time – Time to appreciate beauty and also love in its most subtle corners. Contemplative slowness, time seems to freeze.
The idyllic summer vacation, with tones of freedom, rebelliousness and also eternity.

Nénés women

These women who attract desire like a magnet. Intense or softer, they have a passionate and exciting look but also a slightly mischievous smile.