Summer Collection: La Felicidad

The sun, the naps by the water, the escapades on the rocks, the smell of sunscreen, the endless card games, the taste of salt water, the song of the cicadas, novels from the green library...

It is the idleness of summer that fills us with happiness.
La Felicidad .

This collection made up of four sets of lingerie and four swimsuits will accompany you gently throughout the summer.

All our models are made from 100% recycled fiber fabric. This allows us to avoid using the precious resources of the planet.

What did we do with our days here? Nothing. We were waiting for the summer to end. What did we do in the winter, then?
I smiled thinking about the answer I was going to give. He guessed it and added:
"Don't tell me: 'We're waiting for summer to arrive'?

Excerpt from Call me by your name - Luca Guadagnino

Exactly under the sun.

"Under the fabric, we could guess the movement of their breasts. They didn't care and the boys pretended to don't care either. (...) It's awfully sweet, a girl, you never completely get used to it."

Nicolas Mathieu - Their children after them

Collection available for pre-orders right here .
Delivery early June.
Photos: Quentin Simon

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Magnifiques photos artistiques bien inhabituelles pour vendre des articles . On achèterait bien les photos autant que les maillots ..


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