The girls we love - Margaux Avril

photo @laurenspitznagel

We're going to meet the girls we adore. This week we met Margaux Avril. One of the first Nénés Paris ambassadors.

You don’t know Margaux Avril yet?

Behind her doll-like face and blonde hair hides an art lover who directs the digital strategy of @MaisonMatisse. We loved interviewing Margaux. She received us in her apartment located in the heart of Saint Germain des prés. The bubbly and funny young woman also introduced us to her soulful voice on a little tune of Fly me to the moon at the end of the interview!

We let you discover...

Spoiler, her favorites Nénés Paris

During the interview, @margauxdefouchier revealed to us that she was a fan of the lemon swimsuit aka Lemona that she "wore all summer" and of our white lace Jasmine set.

Backstage in film by Lauren Spitznagel