THE GIRLS WE LOVE l Parysatis 🌷

Photo credit @laurenspitznagel

We go to meet the girls we love. This week we met Parysatis. The Franco-Iranian bombshell keen on fashion and above all on ethical fashion!

You don't know Parysatis yet?

Parys (by her nickname) is the founder of Atelier Arya, a vintage and upcycled clothing shop. She seduces a committed community on Instagram thanks to her vintage and Mediterranean style. She gives us her best clothes tips and her lingerie habits in this short video.

We let you discover more...

Spoiler, her favorite Nénés Paris

During the interview, Parysatis revealed to us that she was a fan of the Paloma swimsuit, whose very pin-up ruffles and polka dots she loved!

Film backstage by Lauren Spitznagel

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