Nénés Paris, green but quesaco? 🤷‍♀️

Choosing to create a French and ethical lingerie brand is possible, and here's how! At Nénés Paris we have brought together all the essential elements in order to best respect the environment but also women. And as we want to be completely transparent, we present to you today what we have put in place to take care of you and the planet:

It was important for us to choose 100% made in Europe in order to participate in local industry, reduce pollution due to transport and be part of an eco-responsible fashion ethic.
Regarding lingerie, the fabrics come from Spain, our lace from Italy, and everything is made in Portugal.
For ready-to-wear, the fabrics are recycled since they come from unsold products from French companies which are then assembled in France as well.
Local artisans are happy and the planet is grateful!

All of our products are made from 100% recycled fibers by two main suppliers: Seaqual Initiative is a collaborative community that fights against plastic pollution in the oceans. So far, 99 tons of marine litter have been transformed thanks to their initiative and we are contributing to it!

Fulgar has also developed a durable nylon fiber, Q-Nova, from a regenerated raw material. These are waste from the first production cycle and which could not have been used otherwise.
These fibers are then woven and become the fabrics of our products: lace, tulle… We thus reduce our CO2 production by 80% and save almost 90% water , for a greener planet!

As for our loungewear collection, it is entirely devoted to upcycling , i.e. each fabric comes from unsold items from large textile factories. Hence the fact that we have low stocks. Thus, nothing is wasted, everything is recovered and recycled!

Recycled fibers, of course, but also certified suppliers! Meeting several strict criteria, here are all the certifications they have received:

Oeko-Tex 100 Category 1
The purpose of this label? It certifies to the consumer that the purchased product is neither harmful to his health nor to his skin. It should be noted that the more the product is in contact with the skin, the stricter the limit values. Thus, Nénés Paris products have obtained Oeko-Tex category 1 certification (Product Class I: Articles for babies and toddlers) being the strictest, and therefore guarantee the protection of women's privacy.

GRS (Global Recycled Standard)
GRS allows the control of the social, environmental and chemical practices of the companies supplying the recycled raw materials.

All European suppliers are REACH certified , thus promoting the competitiveness of the EU chemical industry.
To find out more about the certifications, do not hesitate to read our About section.

We have chosen eco-responsible partners for our packaging and the sending of your parcels.

From compostable mailing bags to self-wrapping paper and stickers, our supplier NoIssue accompanies our products to your doorstep while preserving the environment. Each packaging is compostable , recycled and of course reusable ! Made from plant materials , do not hesitate to inquire about the different local options available to you in order to deposit your packaging in a common composting place.
Raja also supports us in sending our products with post boxes and cardboard envelopes that meet our environmental criteria. Made from at least 75% recycled paper , this packaging is biosourced and also recyclable.
Thus, for each purchase, the ecological footprint is significantly reduced.
Today, we have chosen to produce two collections per year in order to extend the duration of use of the products and thus limit the intensive renewal of clothing by consumers. Ranging from organic cotton panties, to wireless bras, through our loungewear collection, you will have the choice to feel sexy (and eco-friendly) even at home!

Since nothing is thrown away, everything is transformed, fabric scraps are also recycled . Thus, we keep the material for later reuse and create hair accessories with our ends of rollers. This even allows you to match your favorite to your favorite jersey!
Little info: these darlings are made in France, sewn by our little hands from our premises in Paris.
According to studies, e-commerce consumes approximately 30% less energy than traditional retail. Their ecological footprint is far from being identical and this for one main reason, the transport savings made by e-commerce. In a traditional business, the automobile movement of customers is added to that of deliveries and the consumption of lighting is intensive. Online commerce therefore has an advantage of ecological ethics.

The Zei site lists all the brands committed from an ecological point of view and thus develops a classification according to their environmental impact. Today, Nénés Paris is ranked 5th thanks to the ecological alternatives that we have chosen. Our manufacturing and our greener design are therefore rewarded!
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