How to take care of your swimwear?

Salt water, sun, rocks, chlorine, sand... Every summer, our swimsuits are subjected to harsh tests.

To help you protect them, we have put together a guide full of good tips! Perfect for enjoying the summer in Nénés and extending the life of your beloved swimsuits!

The secret to a swimsuit that lasts:

Who says summer, says... days in the sun, relaxing by the pool, on the sand or in the waves. After enjoying the joys of swimming, don't forget to rinse your swimsuit in clean cold or lukewarm water ! This step is essential to eliminate residues such as salt, chlorine or sand. Indeed, these residues can damage tissues in the long term.

After rinsing it, be sure to wring the swimsuit out well without twisting it to avoid deforming it, then dry it flat, in the open air and in the shade.

If you can't rinse your swimsuit immediately, avoid leaving it balled up in your bag or in a towel. Instead, store it in a separate pouch where it will only be there!

For washing, if you want to machine wash your swimsuits, always choose a short cycle at 30 degrees maximum without spinning or drying. Also be sure to place your swimsuit in a laundry bag such as a GUPPYFRIEND to protect it from chafing.

Hand washing remains the most recommended method to preserve the beauty of your swimsuit.

Wash it gently in cold or lukewarm water with Marseille soap or a delicate detergent. All this to avoid relaxing the elastic fibers of your swimsuit. After washing, rinse your swimsuit thoroughly with clean water.

Then, squeeze it gently to remove excess water and let it dry flat and in the shade.

We advise you never to use an iron on your swimsuits. This is because it could damage and burn the delicate tissue of your nuggets.

Maximize the durability of your swimsuit:

Ahhh the beach, the river, the coves or even the deckchairs, what joy!

However, be careful where you set up. Indeed, rocks or even rattan can easily catch the fibers of your swimsuit, thus risking damage.

So remember to always place a towel before sitting down to eliminate any risk of snags and protect your summer companions.

And that's not all: no sun without sunscreen, of course!

But be careful, swimsuits and sunscreen do not go well together! So be sure to apply your sun protection delicately to avoid any direct contact between your swimsuit and sun products . This will help avoid any stains and guarantee the beauty of your swimsuit!

To ensure the longevity of your swimwear, we recommend investing in multiple pieces and rotating them. By alternating use, you allow your swimsuits to regain their natural shapes and elasticity.

And yes, they deserve a little rest too!


The repair

If, despite all your efforts, one of your swimsuits becomes damaged or weakened during your vacation: we will repair it for you!

In fact, repair is possible at Nénés: free for 2 years and chargeable thereafter. Out of the question for us to throw away pieces that can still be worn!

We are proud to be associated with Abracadabra , a Lille workshop specializing in underwear repair which offers a second life to abandoned bras. Thanks to the magical hands of the Abracadabra seamstresses, your Nénés pieces are made new again. And also, ready for a new life!

If your Nénés Paris swimsuits need repair, do not hesitate to write to us at . And tell us the necessary alterations and send us photos.

From now on, all you have to do is fully and peacefully enjoy the summer in Nénés of course!

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