How to take care of your lingerie?

To preserve the beauty and durability of your lingerie pieces, it is essential to take care of and pamper them. Fine, delicate but also eco-responsible: our lace deserves your full attention!

The Nénés team has prepared a guide for you with the best tips for maintaining and extending the life of your pieces.

1. Hand wash

Hand washing is the gentlest method to preserve and take care of your lingerie.

All you need to do is let your lingerie soak for a few minutes in water not exceeding 30° accompanied by a detergent specially designed for delicate linens or with Marseille soap.

Rinse everything with clean water and air dry flat.

We do not recommend rubbing your lingerie pieces against each other as this could damage them.

2. Machine wash

Machine washing our sets is also possible! Don't neglect a few steps:

  • One of the mistakes we all make is washing our bras without stapling them! In fact, by stapling them, you prevent them from getting stuck in the drum and damaging other parts during washing.

  • During washing, your synthetic fiber underwear (recycled or not) releases polluting micro-plastics . These are found mixed with the water in your machine and are neither filtered by the machine nor by the treatment plants. They therefore end up in rivers and oceans, once again increasing their pollution.

The solution ? The GuppyFriend wash bag

In addition to retaining microparticles , the GuppyFriend washing bag protects your lingerie from friction. Its effectiveness is scientifically proven. To use it, simply slip your clothes inside!

After washing, simply remove the microparticles from the bag and throw them into your household waste. And presto, that’s it!

Our final advice before putting it in the machine:

  • Choose a special liquid detergent for delicate laundry and do not use bleach or fabric softener, as they can damage the fragile fibers of your lingerie.

  • For happy lingerie, choose a delicate program with gentle spinning, all at 30° maximum.

3. Drying and storage

Lingerie and heat don't go well together. Forget the dryer so as not to lose elasticity and dry the Nénés lingerie flat and in the open air . We also advise you not to iron your lingerie in order to take good care of it.

Psst… One last little tip: don’t store your outfits upside down, because a poorly stored bra can quickly become deformed! So close the clips and store your bras flat in your drawer.

The icing on the cake: the repair!

If, despite all your efforts, one of your parts is damaged or weakened: we will repair it for you!

In fact, the repair is guaranteed for life at Nénés. Offered for 2 years and paid thereafter. Out of the question for us to throw away pieces that can still be worn!

We are proud to be associated with Abracadabra , a Lille workshop specializing in underwear repair which offers a second life to abandoned bras. Thanks to the magical hands of the Abracadabra seamstresses, your Nénés pieces are refurbished and ready for a new life!

If your Nénés Paris underwear needs repair, do not hesitate to write to us at , specifying the necessary alterations and sending us photos.

You now have all the keys in hand to pamper your Nénés lingerie for years!

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