Getaway to Marseille with our Nénés Girls

At the end of last May, we invited our favorite Nénés Girls to Marseille. All to help them discover our favorite city, our team, our world…. and our recent collaboration with the Marseille association Clean My Calanques . For which we co-created a set of linen beachwear from which 100% of the profits are donated to them! The goal ? Allow our guests to discover behind the scenes, the journey taken and all the deep commitments that underpin the brand. We have put together a program for them in our image. 36 hours of getaways and eco-responsible activities as close as possible to nature in order to disconnect and get back to basics. A look back at the beautiful moments spent alongside them!


Sailing getaway

To begin this escapade, we went directly to the sea , this natural element so dear to Nénés. To immerse the girls in our Mediterranean world, we embarked from the legendary Old Port of Marseille aboard the magnificent Eleanor Mary , an exceptional 20 meter long wooden sailboat. Once the sail was wide open, we sailed towards the Frioul Islands, located opposite Marseille. We spent the afternoon on the boat enjoying the safe sun thanks to eco-friendly Seventy-One Percent solar products. But also, to swim in the sea and taste the delicious picnics prepared by On Se Fait Un Kiff , a brand new zero-waste address in Marseille! Why the choice of sailboat? To discover all the beauty of the Marseille coast while respecting it . Indeed, since sailboats move using the power of the wind alone, they are one of the most eco-responsible means of transport that emit the least CO2 ! In addition, the sensation of sailing is unique: the journey is silent and very gentle, terribly soothing!


Dinner in Cassis

To end this day in style, we went to join the Clean My Calanques team for dinner together. We had dinner at the Rocco restaurant at the Les Roches Blanches hotel in Cassis. In addition to offering exquisite, seasonal and extremely fresh dishes, the service is impeccable and the place absolutely splendid . Cocktails, risotto, breathtaking view of the bay of Cassis… the evening was perfect!


Ceramics classes in Marseille

Since Marseille is a creative city , we had to introduce our guests to one of our favorite activities: ceramics . So we went to Deux Giraffes . Our favorite ceramic workshop, to create plates imbued with colors and patterns dear to the painter Henri Matisse , a major figure in contemporary art and a great admirer of Provence. A relaxing activity par excellence, ceramics allows you to anchor yourself in the present moment, to take some time just for yourself and to give free rein to your imagination . Thanks to contact with the earth, we put our sense of touch into practice and we emerge from the session completely relaxed, much lighter and more positive !


Environmental awareness

Finally, to end this wonderful getaway in the Phocaean city and stay true to our values, we had the chance to attend an awareness event organized by Clean My Calanques . An hour of discussion and fascinating exchange to learn more about the concrete actions to be implemented to preserve the Marseille coastline . Initially, a beach pick-up was planned but the rain decided otherwise... Which, to our great happiness, did not discourage the association's highly motivated team! Our guests were therefore able to learn more about the small everyday gestures that matter and that they can easily adopt .

Once again a huge thank you to our Nénés Girls for this getaway and for making the trip to us. But also for having put Nénés forward in their respective communities. It is thanks to their support that we are able to demonstrate that more eco-responsible and sustainable fashion is truly possible! ❤️

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