Green to know - January

Every month, Nénés reveals its green selection to you. Simple eco-friendly tips, committed cultural recommendations and recipes, without forgetting our wardrobe essentials to adopt: we reveal all our secrets to you for a more eco-responsible life!


The good green news

Nepal is seeing its forests grow !

Faced with waves of deforestation in the 1980s, the country decided in 1993 to entrust the management of its forests to its citizens.

This bold choice proved to be a success. In fact, the forest area has almost doubled since then, now covering half of Nepal's territory!

The forest continues to grow today in Nepal and this is very good news for the environment.


The eco-friendly podcast

Discover Sexy veggie , the podcast that bares fruits and vegetables.

Every Thursday, this podcast shares tips for choosing them well, tips for storing them and also for using them all.

It's the ideal podcast to move towards a vegetarian diet but also to make eating fruits and vegetables sexy!


Eat green

To start the year off right, it is important to stock up on vitamins but also antioxidants.

Discover the list of January fruits and vegetables to consume without moderation to start the new year in great shape!


The eco-friendly recipe

What's better to combat the winter cold than a good cake to enjoy as a snack!

At Nénés, we have the recipe you need to soothe your heart: a chestnut cake that is as delicious as it is comforting.

Find the recipe for chestnut cake on the account of @laguinguettedangele .


The eco-responsible Nénés product: our collection of Rescapés

Prototypes, pieces worn on shoots, from old collections, with slight imperfections or even spotted models...

At Nénés, nothing is thrown away thanks to the Rescapés !

Take advantage of nuggets at low prices, saved from waste, and given a second life! 👇🏽