Green to know - September

Every month, Nénés reveals its green selection to you. Simple tips, committed cultural recommendations and recipes, without forgetting our wardrobe essentials to adopt: we reveal all our secrets to you for a more eco-responsible life!


The good green news

In Ecuador , a referendum allowed the cessation of oil exploitation in the Yasuni natural Amazon reserve. A unique nature reserve due to the richness of its biodiversity and which is also an indigenous land.

In fact, no less than 59% of Ecuadorians voted for the end of this oil exploitation located in the heart of the Amazon forest, producing 12% of the country's oil. A historic victory for Ecuador as well as for the planet!


Eco-friendly tips

10,000,000 tonnes of products are wasted per year in France!

A solution to remedy this? Baskets of local, anti-waste and seasonal fruits and vegetables!

At Benebono , no waste! They like the products as they are and they are right! Benebono works directly as a producer with passionate and committed professionals to reduce waste at its source. The result ? Products that are good for the taste buds, good for the body, good for the planet and humans but also up to 40% cheaper!

Available in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille, Toulouse and Bordeaux.


The eco-friendly recipe

Don't know how to use the last seasonal zucchini and tomatoes? That’s good, at Nénés we have the recipe you need!

Provençal-style Swedish potatoes! A healthy, vegetarian and colorful meal to enjoy the last of summer vegetables.

Find the recipe on the accounts of @pazapah and @gazettegourmande .


Pride of the month

This summer, to make our ever greater commitment to protecting the environment and our waters, we have designed a set of beachwear in collaboration with Clean My Calanques .

100% of the profits from sales were donated to them.

We are proud to have sold more than 150 sets and donated €5,000 to help them continue their cleanup and awareness raising.

€5,000 collected means around 1.6 tonnes of waste collected. A big thank you to you.

A few Clean My Calanques x Nénés sets are still available, it's not too late to join us.


The eco-friendly Nénés piece: the Mimosa set

The Mimosa set is composed of a shirt and oversized pants in double cotton gauze. Mimosa is made in France in upcycled cotton from dormant stock!

This timeless and iconic set from Nénés flatters all body shapes and ages. To be worn both for sleeping and for going out, Mimosa is available this fall in two new colors: mahogany brown and pine green ! Absolute comfort, to try it is to adopt it!