Which panties to adopt according to its morphology?

Thighs developed or not, hips more or less wide, marked waist or very little: each body has its singularities. This is why it is important to be aware of it in order to highlight its natural curves. Wearing a certain form of panties should therefore not only depend on trends. Much more than a simple question of fashion, it is above all a question of morphology .

The Nénés philosophy: to feel good in your sneakers, you must above all feel good in your panties! Exit the diktat of uncomfortable or unsightly panties. Each morphology has its panty shape! Follow our guide to discover which panties are really made for YOU.

1. To add more volume to your buttocks

Opt for high-waisted bottoms, preferably patterned or with a play on materials or colors. Lace, ruffles or even bows will add volume to your shape.

Our Billy tanga, thanks to its gathered elastic and slightly ruffled back, will be your new ally.

If you prefer panties, opt for Daphné , perfect for combining comfort and femininity.

More embroidered tulle? Adopt our super cute and ruffled Marie panties and tangas !

2. To accentuate your little hips

Choose panties and tangas worn high waisted. Placed above the hip, they highlight the curve of your buttocks and lengthen your leg. They are therefore particularly suitable for the little ones because they will give the impression of adding a few centimeters to your pretty legs!

And to further emphasize the waist, wear ones with thick edges. Moreover, we are convinced that our Hortensia tanga, with its little ruffles, will suit you perfectly!

3. To mark your drawn size

Try low-cut briefs, worn rather high waisted. Its shape will perfectly fit your curves without making your hips stand out too much. In addition, as it covers your buttocks while revealing the lower part of your stomach, it accentuates the curve of your thighs.

No doubt, all our panties are made for you! So why not fall for our Viola tanga, with its adorable heart embroidery?

4. To put your rounded butt forward

Don't miss out on the thong! Thanks to its high waist and its shape slightly covering your hips, it accentuates the natural curvature of your buttocks.

Your future best friend: our Margaret thong, and our tangas of all kinds!

5. To unwind your curves

High-waisted panties are made for you!

Brought up to date, these ultra glamorous panties sculpt the shapes, shape the thighs, reshape the buttocks and harmonize the curves. Our Rosalie panties will not disappoint you.

Even higher than that?! Opt for our Juliette high-waisted panties which will cover your stomach, just enough!

The particularities of Nenes panties

In order to enhance as many silhouettes as possible, Nénés stockings are available in several versions. This way, no matter which ones you choose, they will fit your shapes perfectly.

All you have to do is place them at your convenience - rather high or low waist - and look magnificent all day long! It's our underwear that adapts to you and not the other way around!

In addition to matching your body shape, all our models are made in Portugal from 100% recycled fibers . They therefore respect your privacy as much as the environment. European, ethical and eco-responsible, our panties have it all . Enough to be a real bomb without blowing up the planet!

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