The Nénés Christmas gift guide

This year Christmas is placed under the sign of eco-responsibility!

And what could be better than offering eco-responsible and sustainable gifts for the occasion?

Between exceptional gifts and little touches, sure value or favorite pieces, the Nénés team has prepared a guide for you to find the perfect Christmas gifts!

The French gift

What if you opted for a local gift?

Our Imai set , made in France, will be perfect since it is suitable for all ages and all body types!

Two tops are available, an underwired bra which guarantees comfort and support, and atriangle bra with a pretty lace basque.

Delicate, ultra-quality and feminine at the same time, it is a real timeless piece to have in your wardrobe.

You can offer the set or just one of the three matching panties if you have a smaller budget.

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The timeless gift

Don't you dare wear lingerie? Opt for our navy blue linen set, Leo .

Made up of tailored pants and an open-back shirt, it is elegant and timeless at the same time and above all it is suitable for all ages.

But that's not all ! Léo is made in France and can be worn together or separately both at home and outdoors. This gift will be a hit for both your mom and your girlfriend!

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The sure value gift

Do you want to offer lingerie and you don't want to make a mistake? Choose the Tiaki set!

Adorned with beautiful floral lace and a lace basque as well, this triangle is a timeless piece that is sure to please.

In addition, it comes with three different bottoms to match all desires: panties , a tanga and a menstrual tanga, all super well cut.

A true essential for a lingerie wardrobe, we have available it in three colors, lychee red , pesto green and black for everyone's happiness.

And what's more, it is also available in a pack consisting of a bra and two matching bottoms at a reduced price!

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The favorite gift

Want a gift that won't be forgotten? Adopt Maïa , it's THE quilted jacket to have in your wardrobe.

Decorated with a green gingham print, this jacket is ideal for a fashion enthusiast. Absolutely soft and comfortable, Maïa is suitable for all body types thanks to its oversized cut and it remains easy to combine!

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The sexy gift

What if Christmas was sexy? To do this, slip the Mira set in black tulle under the tree.

Both sexy, vintage and comfortable, it guarantees good support for all breasts, even the most generous. In addition, its black color makes it an essential to have in your wardrobe.

Bold, this gift will surprise your loved one!

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The cocooning gift

To make this end of the year sweet, choose Zaniah pajamas .

In fact, many of our customers have adopted this best-seller. Whether it’s for your girlfriend, your sister or even your cousin, it’s sure to please!

Absolutely comfortable, it can be worn in pajamas mode to curl up at home, or mixed & match to wear outdoors. It's the perfect cozy gift for pajamas fans!

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The little attention

For a Secret Santa or for a little attention, opt for the Tiaki period tanga which will be unanimous!

This hygienic, pretty, absorbent and discreet tanga is perfect for light flows. And what's more, it's available in lychee red , pesto green and black with matching bras!

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Mamma's special gift

Looking for a nugget for a future or young mother? Our maternity sets will be perfect! To make no mistake, opt for Jimmy.

Made of ribbed organic cotton and Italian floral lace, this scarf-shaped bra allows you to breastfeed without having to take off the bra! But that's not all ! It contains a pocket to slip in a breastfeeding pillow and prevent milk leaks.

Absolutely comfortable, Jimmy accompanies women during their pregnancies and while they are breastfeeding to make their lives easier! It is available in black and in a pretty vibrant orange with two matching bottoms.

It is also available in a pack consisting of a bra and two matching bottoms at reduced prices.


Still a doubt?

We have created a quiz guide to help you decide! Head over here to find the Christmas gifts you need.

Choosing Nénés is the assurance of giving a gift that pleases and respects the planet. Made in Portugal or France, in small quantities, the pieces are all made from beautiful recycled or natural organic materials.

Up to you ! 👇🏼

  • Imai Underwired Bra - Black Imai Underwired Bra - Black
    Made in France 🇫🇷
    Sold out Add
    Imai Underwired Bra
  • Leo set Leo set
    Made in France
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    Leo set
    $275   $230
  • Triangle Tiaki - Green Triangle Tiaki - Green
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    Tiaki Triangle
  • Mira bra - Black Mira bra - Black
    Sold out Add
    Mira bra
  • Tiaki Period Tanga - Lychee Red Tiaki Period Tanga - Lychee Red
    Sold out Add
    Tiaki period tanga
  • Jimmy Maternity Bra - Black Jimmy Maternity Bra - Black
    Sold out Add
    Jimmy Maternity Bra
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