Which swimsuit is made for your morphology?

Our swimsuits are brand new, very beautiful. They are made in Portugal from recycled European materials and they all make you fall in love, yes! The hardest part is still choosing which one to adopt... But then, what better than your body type to guide you ?

Whatever your figure, more like an A, V, H, X or even an 8, we will help you find THE ideal swimsuit for YOUR body . Like every year at Nénés, all our swimsuit tops come with several bottoms to suit as many women as possible.

(1) Morphology in A

You have narrow shoulders, a small chest, a pronounced waist and wide hips. To balance your silhouette, consider adding volume to your upper body.

For this, don't hesitate any longer: Cambray , our swimsuit top, with its wide straps and underwire, is made for you!

But it's not the only one: the Iroise top scarf is also particularly suitable. Indeed, its wide straps, its fitted shape, its feminine back will provide the volume you need!

These two tops provide a natural curve and are suitable for both small and generous cup sizes.

As for panties, to lengthen your legs, opt for low-cut ones. This is why the Grace panties, matched with its two tops, are ideal! Its classic shape and pretty V-cut at the front will definitely flatter your figure. If you want something more original, choose the Malacca : a low-cut bloomer panty.

Are you a 1 piece team?

You can then opt for our Caspienne one piece. Its vintage cut and pretty openwork floral pattern will not go unnoticed and will distract the eye from your little complexes!

Your upper body will be highlighted thanks to its wide straps and its fitted shape.

(2) V-shaped morphology

You have square shoulders and narrow hips. You want to avoid stares on your shoulders. So go for a plunging neckline !

A triangle or underwired shape will suit you perfectly! So choose our Tasman jerseys or Guanaco. In fact, they will harmonize your silhouette by visually reducing the width of your shoulders. For this, we thank in particular their thin straps. If you are looking for support, still prefer Guanaco .

For panties, as your hips are narrow, you can focus on pieces that visually add volume to your lower body.

Then opt for the high-waisted Myrto models or Koudou. With their low-cut shape and gathered or belted details, they provide just the right amount of extra volume while lengthening your leg.

Our Kara tanga , and its bows and pearls on the side, will also be perfect for highlighting your hips.

(3) H-shaped morphology

Your shoulders and hips are the same width and your waist is not very pronounced. To accentuate the latter and give your body more curves , prefer triangle tops or prints that will enhance your shapes. A mission that our Cambray , Tasman and Iroise tops will be able to accomplish wonderfully! Thanks to their hyper feminine shapes and their irresistible colors and prints, they are the next best allies for your sunny days.

As for panties, choose those that will mark your hips. You have the choice between Grace , Malacca or even the Kara tanga ( even more low-cut) to go up on the hips!

(4) X-shaped morphology

You have your shoulders and hips aligned, your waist defined. All swimsuit shapes fit you like a glove! The only risk is to do too much and therefore disrupt the balance of your figure.

We recommend our Tasman triangle, ideal for sunbathing, our Java top for an original and feminine shape or our Cambray underwire for good support.

Let's talk panties!

If you want to highlight your buttocks, choose our Kara tanga or our Malacca panties. To lengthen your legs, choose our Grace panties. And if you want to cover your stomach, adopt our Bohai shorty or our Myrto high-waisted panties.

Rather team 1 piece?

Bet on the pretty Hibiki with multiple details. Between its material embossed with small algae and starfish, its adjustable ties under the chest and its pearls: we love it!

In terms of body shape, its pretty neckline at the front and back, as well as its adjustable waist will enhance your body!

(5) Morphology in 8

Your chest must be supported and enhanced by a pretty neckline : our Cambray top and our Iroise top will be your best allies.

At the bottom, you can opt for our Bohai shorty or our Myrto high-waisted and low-cut briefs, which will enhance your shape and lengthen your legs.

Do you prefer 1 pieces?

Your hips and shoulders are aligned, your waist is defined and you are plump.

Our Marmara one-piece swimsuit will hide the curves you don't want to reveal, while highlighting your neckline at the front and back , with a particularly flattering backless. To try it is to adopt it !

All you have to do is choose...

As you will have understood, knowing your body shape is essential to choosing the perfect swimsuit. We hope that these tips will help you find the swimsuit in which you can be a bomb without blowing up the planet!

If you still have questions, we remain available and reachable on Instagram or by email via the contact form 💌.

  • Caspienne one piece - Brown Caspienne one piece - Brown
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    Caspienne One piece
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  • Tanga Kara - Cream Tanga Kara - Cream
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    Kara Tanga
    $55   $48.13
  • Java Top - red gingham Java Top - red gingham
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    Java Top
    $95   $80.38
  • One piece Marmara - Terracotta One piece Marmara - Terracotta
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    One piece Marmara
  • Iroise Top - Striped Print Iroise Top - Striped Print
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    Iroise Top
  • Malacca panties - Red Gingham Malacca panties - Red Gingham
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    Malacca Panty
  • Top Tasman - Cream Top Tasman - Cream
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    Tasman Top
    $99   $84.86
  • Java Top - Black Java Top - Black
    Petites Bourses
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    Java Top
    $95   $80.38
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