Nénés x Capucinerqllrt: the summer collab

Once upon a time there was a meeting, that of Capucinerqllrt and Nénés.

What do they have in common? A passion for the sun, high-cut panties and underwired swimsuits, timeless and unique pieces to mix with the rest of your wardrobe.

Since her beginning on Instagram in 2021, Capucine has collected and cherished the Nénés pieces that accompany her year after year without ever aging.

So to celebrate our 3 years of relationship, we are proud to present to you a limited edition capsule in our image.

Find out more about Capucinerqllrt and our collab! 🍓

Hi Capucine, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Capucine, I'm 26, 27 in a few days. I'm originally from Lille.

I went to communications school, and did several internships in this field.

At the same time, I started creating content on social networks. I've been creating content for my social networks under the name @capucinerqllrt for a year and a half now.

How do you describe your style?

My style is quite colorful , but I also appreciate rather simple pieces. I really like mixing & matching different pieces and adding a detail that can transform an entire outfit.

Where does your passion for fashion come from?

My passion for fashion comes from my mother , who always loved it. Today we both still share this passion . We love shopping together and also sharing photos of our purchases.

How did you get started on Instagram?

I started on Instagram in 2020 , during the first confinement. I always had an interest in fashion and photography, so I shared content and my looks . I started posting without thinking much, then my account gradually evolved. And, today, I work full time for my social networks.

Share with us the story of your collaboration with Nénés

I have always loved Nénés pieces. They have given me models several times that I continue to wear. I find that it is one of the brands that best highlights the body thanks to the cuts and materials. The project was therefore born naturally during a discussion. Our worlds match perfectly so let's go for an adventure!

In a few words, how would you define this capsule?

This capsule is all me.

It's a nice mix between Nénés universe and mine. We imagined a little fruity pattern made up of strawberries, and a linen set that matches perfectly with the swimsuit. These are exactly the kind of pieces I like to wear every day, if someone had to draw me it would surely be with these pieces!

What is your favorite piece ?

I can't choose just one piece, it's too hard (laughs)!

I love the pants , I wear them all the time, I can't live without them. But honestly, I really like them all. If I had to make a choice regarding swimsuits, I would say that the piece that shows off the most is the high-waisted panties .

Can you share some look ideas for wearing and matching pieces?

If you don't want to wear the whole outfit as a total look, you can absolutely wear the top or blouse with your favorite jeans or even match the pants with a pretty white top or t-shirt.

For more look ideas, we have prepared several videos for you to discover soon on our Instagram @nenesparis and @capucinerqllrt.

Has this Nénés x Capucinerqllrt capsule been designed to suit as many body types as possible?

Yes, it was designed to suit as many body types as possible.

The two bikini tops are completely different. There is an underwired model: ideal for providing support even for larger breasts; and a brassiere perfect for tanning but which provides less support. To counter this, this top comes with straps that will further support your bust.

For stockings too, there is something for everyone! We imagined low-waisted panties, quite high-cut and another high-waisted, slightly more covering one .

For the ready-to-wear set, two tops are available: a top to tie on the sides with ties and an elasticated blouse at the waist. This set is quite oversized, which flatters many body types.

How is this capsule eco-responsible?

Everything was thought out and designed with the Nénés team in France, then the pieces were manufactured in Portugal in limited quantities.

The jerseys are made from recycled fibers , and the whole thing is made from linen , an eco-responsible material par excellence, because it is local and its production requires little water.

As a content creator, what do you think about the future of eco-responsible fashion?

I don't have the perfect job to give lessons. But, on my own scale, I pay attention to highlighting small, eco-responsible brands in my community. I find it essential to support them!

And, I’m a big fan of second hand !

To conclude, do you have any last words to share about this capsule or a special message for your followers?

I sincerely hope that you enjoy this collection as much as the Nénés team and I do. It was a lot of work to get the best possible result.

I'm very proud of these pieces and I can't wait to see you wear them!

Through this second co-creation with a content creator, Nénés continues to convey its message of prevention and preservation around the environment to the young and fashionable community of Capucine.

This way to adopt the Nénés X Capucine Rqllrt collaboration 👇🏽

Capucine Rqllrt x Nénés
  • Capucine Underwired Bra - Strawberry print Capucine Underwired Bra - Strawberry print
    Capucine capsule
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    Underwired Capucine
  • Capucine high-waisted Panty - Strawberry print Capucine high-waisted Panty - Strawberry print
    Capucine capsule
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    Capucine high-waisted panty
  • Capucine bralette - Strawberry print Capucine bralette - Strawberry print
    Capucine capsule
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    Capucine bra
  • Capucine Panty - Strawberry print Capucine Panty - Strawberry print
    Capucine capsule
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    Capucine panty
  • Capucine Top - Beige Capucine Top - Beige
    Capucine capsule
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    Capucine Top
  • Capucine Blouse - Beige Capucine Blouse - Beige
    Capucine capsule
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    Capucine blouse
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