Why does Nénés say no to the sales?

The sales are as punctual as they are persuasive: every year, on the same date, they manage to convince us to buy products that we don't need. As we know, overconsumption is the number one enemy of ecological transition. And precisely, at Nénés Paris, we fight relentlessly against excessive consumption. This is why, among other things, we do not participate in sales. We explain in detail the reasons for this decision!

A reasoned production - and reasonable!

Our production model runs counter to that of fast-fashion: only 5 collections per year, a short circuit (everything, from the making of the fabric to the manufacture of the product, including the routing of the stock, is 100 % European), committed partner factories and a qualified and respected workforce, all to offer you products made to last !

By favoring quality rather than quantity , we are able to offer you sets at fair prices . These prices include and reflect each of the actions necessary for the development, manufacture, storage, promotion online and on our networks and, finally, the delivery of our products to you. They also make it possible to guarantee the good remuneration of our partners and our employees. It is therefore to preserve the balance of our production chain that they always remain the same - and this all year round! The proof in pictures, with the breakdown of the prices of our Pia set and our Mimosa pajamas:

Fight against overconsumption and waste

We are maximizing our efforts to alleviate the environmental disasters linked to the overabundance of textile products and the waste of clothing. This is why we only make eco-responsible products , in small quantities . They are always made from recycled, upcycled or natural organic European fibers . Our creations therefore do not require the production of new materials! On the contrary, they reuse those that already exist, and within the limits of available stocks.

Finally, as we know, discounts generally lead to compulsive buying. Not doing so protects you from succumbing to superfluous purchases, which you are likely to regret and throw away soon after. Our approach is simple: we want our products to be really useful and to accompany you over time, as long as possible!

Our alternatives to sales

We will never stop saying it but, at Nénés Paris, nothing is lost ! Despite our best efforts, sometimes not all of our production sells. Indeed, even producing in limited quantities does not guarantee the complete sale of inventories. And since the perfect zero stock strategy does not exist, we have found 2 solutions in particular so that our products do not remain stored, unused and forgotten indefinitely. The first is our Last Chance category. Thanks to prices reduced by 30% to 50%, it allows us to sell the very last remaining pieces from our old collections when we can no longer sell them at the right price. The second is our Les Rescapés collection at a mini price, which allows us to give a second life to our prototypes, shooting pieces and models that have been repaired or have slight imperfections!

As you will have understood, the sales have a real impact on the environment and are completely contrary to our ethics. That's why we refuse to take part. Because we believe in a virtuous fashion, respectful of nature. Because we also know that another consumption is possible: more reasoned, more considered, less harmful.