Which swimsuit color to choose according to your complexion?

Summer is slowly approaching and it's time to swim! But here also comes the eternal dilemma linked to the choice of your swimsuit: what color to choose ? Just like with your clothes or lingerie, you must be careful to choose the cut that suits your body shape. But also, and above all, the color that really matches her skin tone. To help you in your quest for the perfect swimsuit, the Nénés team reveals today all its best advice for selecting the color made just for you !


Fair skin

If you have pale skin, which does not tan easily, opt for soft colors and shades of blue, red, yellow, but also khaki green and burgundy, especially for brunettes. These give a real boost of radiance to even the lightest complexions! 

We particularly recommend our models with a yellow gingham print such as Guanaco or Nyala . These same models are also available in cherry red , another color that will suit you perfectly. But that's not all ! Our new green sun print , which is available on the Pitaya , the Guanaco and the Toco one-piece, will also suit you perfectly. The colors of all these swimsuits will enhance your skin, no matter the color of your hair!


Matte skin

If your skin is tanned or even matte, you are spoiled for choice because almost all the colors compliment your complexion. Then try something more daring, like original prints !

In order to further warm up your complexion and enhance your tan, our advice is to favor warm tones. As red or terracotta for example. To brighten up your complexion even more, you can also dare to use light colors . They will contrast divinely well with your skin color.

Our swim selection just for you: our little blueberry, gingham or even floral prints , which are available on our Guanaco , Nyala or Berry models! And for the one-piece team, the leopard print Jeanne or the terracotta Freya are there!


black skins

Even more true than for matte skin, if you have black skin, opt for maximum contrast by adopting light and fresh colors ! Such as white, cream or even powder pink/lilac. However, they are not the only ones that suit your complexion perfectly. Brighter colors like red, orange or even green will also contrast perfectly with your skin!

Why not fall for, for example, our Berry and Pitaya peach pink , Guanaco and Pitaya old pink or Nellie floral chocolate swimsuits? Unless you’ve already set your sights on our peach pink Toco one-piece model?


All skins

Although certain colors correspond more to one type of complexion than to another, others, on the contrary, enhance all skin and all complexions without exception . This is why, at Nénés, we are committed to developing our models in colors that are sure to suit every skin type: the timeless black, red and khaki. So, whatever the color of your skin, we are sure that our black, cherry red or pomegranate red and khaki swimsuits will not disappoint you! Like Guanaco , Pitaya , Berry or even Toco !

We hope we were able to help you figure out which color was most flattering to your skin tone. Anyway, the most important thing is always that you feel good in what you wear! And if you have the slightest question or hesitation, don't hesitate to try our models in our showrooms in Paris and Marseille or in one of our partner shops !