The meeting of Nénés x Gabrielle Paris

This summer, Nénés and Gabrielle Paris are joining forces and creating “El Sol 🌞” a collection hand in hand: summer essentials, both beautiful and durable!

In the program ? Ocean gingham, sun embroidery, terra brown color 🤎

Find out more about this collaboration with this cross-interview between Margot, founder of Nénés and Julie, founder of Gabrielle Paris!

Can you introduce yourself ?

Julie: I'm Julie, I'm 43 years old, married, 3 children!

I have always been passionate about decoration and after a long experience at Texdecor, I embarked on the adventure of entrepreneurship by creating Gabrielle Paris!

Margot: I'm Margot, I'm 30 years old and I live in Marseille.

I launched Nénés in 2018 following my studies to offer beautiful and environmentally friendly lingerie and swimwear!

Can you present your brands?

Julie: Gabrielle is my story: the desire to create a global decoration concept, inspired by the family & imagined for them. It is a lively, bright and colorful house, timeless and in tune with the times.

Easy-to-wear products, designed to meet the demands of families' busy daily lives, and responsibly crafted from the finest materials.

Margot: Nénés is a committed, sunny and feminine brand. We create lingerie, swimwear and ready-to-wear to enhance women.

Our universe is bohemian, retro and timeless. Our main mission is to offer an alternative to fast fashion without compromising on style!

How did the idea for this collaboration come about?

Julie: I like the way Nénés looks at women. The Nénés woman is ageless , she is beautiful and uninhibited. All me ;-)

In short, we love the brand at Gabrielle Paris, we've been meeting on Insta for some time and that's it!

Margot: At Nénés we love bananas and foutas Gabrielle. These are often the gifts we give each other for our birthdays!

And, what’s more, we have a common passion for gingham! So it was a bit obvious :)

Can you describe the mood of this collab?

Julie: The name “El Sol” speaks for itself: a sunny collab , which smells of warm sand!!!

A collection that takes us on a journey between land and sea, iconic products and the essentials for a successful summer!

: Yes, I think Julie said everything. It’s a collection in our image!

Timeless and unique pieces at the same time. Accessories and pieces ready to follow us all summer!

How did you work together to merge your two worlds?

Julie: Spontaneously. Each brought their know-how and their desires. I found it quite easy. Our communications were fluid and the understanding was perfect!

And you, Margot?

I agree! It was super smooth, and we understood each other really well. I think we had the same idea about this collaboration and we clearly understood what our points in common were.

What is your favorite piece from the collab?

Julie: I love the sun banana.

I love the “bi-taste” pyjamas (Gaby’s nickname).

I find the pouch super practical for summer, ideal to slip into a large beach bag!

Margot: For my part, without hesitation it’s the sunshine banana!

Since the shoot, I haven't left the prototype.

Let’s talk gingham! Why this love for this print ?

Julie: It is classic and modern at the same time, present but not too much, in tune with the times but timeless .

: Gingham is found every year in our collections. We love its little retro and timeless side at the same time! It will never go out of style . And that means a lot to us!

Can you give us any tips for matching/wearing the capsule pieces?

Julie: For me, there's nothing like denim shorts and a white t-shirt to go perfectly with this Ocean gingham, but of course, a Nénés set!

Margot: I also recommend pairing them with the current Nénés collection!

We loved mixing them with our pieces on the different shoots. We also dared to wear more dressy looks with the fanny pack and a linen ensemble. It was very successful!

Find all these pieces here 👇🏽

  • Set Gabrielle x Nénés Set Gabrielle x Nénés
    Gabrielle Paris Collab
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    Set Gabrielle x Nénés
  • Fouta Gabrielle x Nénés - Brown gingham Fouta Gabrielle x Nénés - Brown gingham
    Gabrielle Paris Collab
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    Serviette de plage Gabrielle x Nénés
    $120   $105
  • Gabrielle x Nénés beach bag - Blue gingham Gabrielle x Nénés beach bag - Blue gingham
    Gabrielle Paris Collab
    Sold out Add
    Gabrielle x Nénés beach bag
    $110   $99
  • Banana Gabrielle Paris x Nénés - Blue Vichy Banana Gabrielle Paris x Nénés - Blue Vichy
    Gabrielle Paris Collab
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    Bumbag Gabrielle Paris x Nénés
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