Slow life #1: Michelle Senzig

Frantic pace, race against time and fulfillment through socio-professional success... What if it was time to slow down?

Welcome to Slow Life , our new series for which we meet personalities with an inspiring lifestyle . Their testimonies invite you to appreciate the simple moments, to take the time to live fully in the present moment and to put your happiness back at the heart of your concerns . More than a way of life, slow life is an art of living , which is practiced as close as possible to nature and which has nothing to envy to the city model.

For this first episode, we went to Michelle Senzig, our model and farmer friend, in the Basque Country.


Can you introduce yourself ?

I'm Michelle, I live on a farm in the Basque Country with my partner Paul and our son Finn! We live with our animals, which are quite numerous: about 90 cattle, a Pottok pony (Pistache), three small goats (Alain, Harriet and Pablo), a few hens for the eggs and our two dogs (Chala and Pintio), who help bring the cows back if needed.


What are you doing on your farm?

Here, on the farm, we mainly produce and market beef, beef and veal. We produce vegetables too, but it's more for our personal consumption. We do natural breeding : our cows are fed exclusively on grass and we do not use fertilizers or pesticides for the fields and the vegetable patch. Our philosophy is to respect nature and animals . We ensure that our animals are in good health in order to be able to offer a healthy product, which is also good for the health of the consumer. With Paul, we really let nature take its course since it does things so well!


Why did you choose a slow life in the countryside?

I really felt the need to go back to the basics, to the essentials . I wanted to recharge my batteries, reconnect with nature and do a job that, in my opinion, is important and meaningful . And above all, I wanted to live a healthy life, in a natural environment in which I really feel good. The Basque countryside is an incredible environment to see my son grow up. I am so happy to be able to offer him this, to see him flourish in the middle of nature. And I see that he likes being here too: he wants to be outside all the time, playing with the animals or picking strawberries in the garden.


What difference is there between your life today and the one before?

This life in the countryside is very different from my previous life in the city. In fact, I lived in Berlin for 5 years. My life in the city was studying, partying, always full of people, full of information and things to do. Everything was moving at full speed and, in the end, I was quite tired. This return to the countryside, in the middle of nature, did me the greatest good. Here I feel much better, more myself, more fulfilled . And above all, much less stressed and anxious ! To build a real life, for me, it happens here.


How would you describe your current lifestyle?

My lifestyle is quite diversified between my role on the farm and my role as a young mother. But we are very lucky with Paul, because we regularly manage to free up time to disconnect and leave. We often go to the coast to surf. But it's true that our life is quite quiet and I can really say that we lead a healthy and balanced life .


What does a day look like in your daily life?

None of my days are really the same because there are always little unforeseen events on the farm. But, they always all start with a family breakfast! I go to see the animals to make sure they are doing well and, depending on the needs of the day, I take care of the vegetable garden, I build fences...


What is your favorite place on your farm?

I think my favorite place is the garden . It is a very colorful and very soothing place. I love watching all the plants, all the vegetables and all the fruits grow. It inspires me a lot, especially for my cooking recipes.


Has your style of dress changed since you live here?

My style has changed a lot yes! Before, I used to dress much more “fashionably” whereas today, I mainly prioritize comfort and beautiful materials . I need to be able to move, breathe and feel comfortable in my clothes. As for my style, I don't think it's really defined , in the sense that I shop around a lot, which means I have lots of different and unique pieces, which I combine according to my mood of the day. I think I'm quite free in the way I dress and, above all, I have fun !

Discover Michelle's slow life in video