Gambettes Box x Nénés Paris: the collab of the summer

This summer Gambettes box invited us to its box to create a combination that smells like the sun.

Gambettes box, what is it?

A box of tights all year round and beachwear in summer! Each month, Gambettes Box chooses two tights for €16.50. A mix of basic and fancy all in unique patterns and designed to enhance the legs. But that's not all ! Tights are eco-responsible because:

  • Resistant and durable
  • Made in Italy in a family factory
  • Woven from yarn scraps
  • Sent in a recycled and recyclable pack, designed to generate less waste.

From June to August, the gambettes are free and Gambettes Box offers you beachwear (shorts, skirts, playsuits or dresses) and that's when we had the chance to intervene!

The collab

This summer, we have imagined alongside them a short jumpsuit, easy to wear , super comfortable and colorful in certified eco-viscose: the ultimate invitation to idleness.

To adopt it, go to Gambettes Box to subscribe to their box ☀️ for € 16.50. Don't worry, it's without commitment: you say stop when you want!