The recycling

No less than 80% of our models are made of recycled fibers, what pride. But then, how does recycling actually work?

We use end of rolls and scraps of fabric produced by the textile industry as well as used plastic bottles .

We grind them, clean them and then everything is melted down to bring them back to fiber .

With this fiber, we make new spools of thread which, once woven, will then become the fabrics of our sets: in lace , in tulle , in full fabric ...

And that's how we make lingerie entirely out of recycled fibres!

Are you wondering if these processes and materials are harmful to health? The answer is no ! Our entire production chain: from the transformation of bottles into yarn, to the production of our models, respects strict standards guaranteeing total safety. You can therefore adopt our recycled fiber models without fear.

It's great but what are the advantages?

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