Our workshops

As mentioned above, our partners are committed and hand-picked! Our factories are all located in Europe , which allows us a certain proximity. Because we have nothing to hide but everything to show, we open the doors of our workshops to you .

Lace - Milan, Italy

On the lace side, they are made in Italy in the Milan region, from recycled fibers, in family workshops with unique know-how . All the laces are designed in the factories, in Italy. They are also sometimes inspired by old lace, kept warm, because fashion goes away and it comes back!

A lace is both artistic and technical . There are thousands of possibilities, hundreds of threads and a very special weave. All our laces are made on machines, which are programmed on a computer, with great precision. A single machine consists of 200 bobbins. They are all installed by hand. To create a lace, the machine must make about 60 different movements.

All stages of lace production are carried out on site : making, ironing, fixing, softening and even dyeing, which may be vegetable . In fact, the colors are so accurate that there are over 100 different greens! To guarantee a durable and therefore eco-responsible lace beyond its manufacture and composition: we also test the elasticity and resistance of the lace in the factory.

Lingerie and swimwear - Lisbon, Portugal

On the clothing and manufacturing side as such, we work with factories in France and Portugal.

Our main partner in Portugal is located in the Lisbon area and produces our lingerie and swimwear. He is, like all the others, REACH and Social & Labor Convergence certified, but he is above all well versed on the subject ! And yes, making women's underwear is quite an art: the material is delicate, the cuts are meticulous, difficult to achieve and the manufacture of a bra requires assembling several dozen parts, which can only be done by hand . This plant has been a specialist for several decades.

We work on the cut and the patterns with Catarina: our fairy. Catarina is a model maker and concretely she gives life to the drawings of Margot , our founder. Catarina makes patterns and prototypes, which she sends to Margot, so that she can check that the models are perfectly as she had imagined them: comfortable, flattering, with support, without leakage for period panties, adapted to each size...

Then, it is the designers who take over and who make our lingerie sets with their nimble fingers . As mentioned just above, lingerie pieces are difficult to manufacture. It's not just a piece of fabric, but lots of pieces of fabric assembled, with essential accessories: straps, a clasp, adjustable handles (and therefore adjusters), frames, a lot of elastics and more Again…

Each of the steps is carried out by hand : from the pattern to the final quality control. This factory and these designers are endowed with a unique know-how, which they apply to perfection with great precision.