Les Rescapés: our solution for more responsible fashion

True to its eco-responsible promise, Nénés strives to do more to protect our planet. This is why, for several months already, we have developed an additional initiative allowing us not to throw away any of our products : Les Rescapés ! We tell you everything about this collection at a very low price.

The survivors: the second chance collection

Launched in winter 2022, our “ Les Rescapés ” collection brings together all the models that we cannot normally market. This includes all our prototypes and all our pieces worn in photo shoots. Which come from old collections, with slight imperfections or repaired . This is why, rather than storing them unnecessarily and indefinitely, we offer them a chance to find new owners. And to help them get adopted, we sell them at low prices !

Our new anti-waste resolution

If the principle of the Survivors may seem outrageously simple and commercial, the motivations they embody are in reality quite different. Indeed, an unsold product generally experiences two types of fate. It can either remain stored and forgotten, or be discarded and destroyed. Nothing very pleasing, when you know that storage is only a temporary and make-up solution, and that clothing waste is one of the great contemporary scourges. Behind the operation of the Rescapés therefore hides the desire to fight against the abuses of the textile industry. This is why we resell products that are still in wearable condition !

Another step further: the repair of our products

You may have already noticed, but some of our Survival products carry the mention “repaired by Abracadabra Upcycling ”. Because yes, we have chosen to go even further in our approach : we now have our damaged parts repaired so that they are like new in order to be able to give them a second wind. We didn't lie to you: with us, (really) nothing is thrown away!

For this, we collaborate with the young Lille company Abracadabra Upcycling founded by Marie and Margaux. Both brand of refurbished bras and repair shop.

To do this, they collect them from collection points, sort them and wash them. They then identify their problem and a solution adapted to each of them. Then they repair them with care and meticulousness, working with expert in-house seamstresses and reintegration workshops.

This new step is key in the life cycle of Nénés Paris products because it allows us to guarantee an ever more durable product , which can be used for years. Because, as everyone knows, the most durable and eco-responsible garment is the one that already exists !

But, in practice, how does it work?

The repair is guaranteed for 1 year on all our products!

If your Nénés Paris underwear needs repair, do not hesitate to write to us at club@nenes-paris.com , specifying the necessary alterations and sending us photos. Beyond one year, the repair of our products is obviously always possible but is no longer supported.

In a few words, our Les Rescapés collection , coupled with a repair service, opens a new page in our ecological approach , resolutely turned towards an ever more circular mode of production and consumption. Certified and approved by Mother Nature!