Pourquoi Nénés Paris est une marque écoresponsable ?

Why is Nénés Paris an eco-responsible brand?

eco-responsible swimwear brand

Be a bomb, don't blow up the planet

Nénés Paris, an eco-responsible brand.

Since the creation of Nénés we take care of two things that are important to us: you and the planet . We don't forget the priorities at Nénés. We think about the environmental impact of each of our actions.

But then how do you make no compromise between style and environment?

Eco-responsible materials

Because we don't want you to have to make a choice, 98% of our models are made from recycled fibers and certified Global Recycled Standard ( which guarantees good social, environmental and chemical practices during their production) . The remaining 2% is made of organic cotton (in particular the bottoms of the panties).

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Thanks to recycled fibres, we do not manufacture any new materials. By reusing fabric scraps and transforming used plastic shops, we revalue products doomed to disappear and give them a second life. The fibers are recovered, sorted, washed, ground into plastic dust to be transformed into a new thread.

Thanks to recycling, we save 90% of water (about 7 tubs per bra). And we produce 80% less CO2 !

A reasoned collection rhythm

As an eco-responsible fashion brand, we want to make the  sustainable fashion , rather than disposable with 5 collections per year.

In addition to being inherently polluting, the fashion industry has become abusive: too fast and too cheap. Indeed, some players even go so far as to create 36 collections per year, compared to the usual 4.

To overcome this, we have decided to create 5 collections per year:

  • One of swimsuits
  • One of beachwear and one of loungewear
  • Two lingerie sets: one in winter and one in summer

We divide each collection into two parts, launched at two different times to bring you something new.

European manufacturing

Our models are manufactured in France and mainly in Portugal , in Social & Labor Convergence, REACH and GOTS certified factories .

These certifications make it possible to guarantee good social, environmental and chemical practices during the production of our materials and models.

But that's not all ! We have worked with the same factories since our very beginnings and we visit them regularly to ensure the quality of their working environment.

Our Iris bras in quality control in our Portuguese factory.

A short circuit

Because being an eco-responsible brand also means promoting short circuits, our materials are all European . From the main fabric, to the lining to promote short circuits as much as possible. Thanks to this, we favor transport by truck and ban those by plane. 

From the raw material, through its transformation, then the manufacture of the garment and finally its storage, a garment can travel up to 65,000 km! By staying in Europe, we are proud to reduce these kilometers considerably. 🚐

Recycled and recyclable packaging

Recycled and recyclable or compostable , this is the motto of our packaging. The opportunity for them to live a thousand and one lives! Our tissue paper is made from paper from responsible and delimited forests and printed from soy ink which is petroleum-free unlike conventional inks.

An ecological scourge that weakens our oceans day by day, plastic is obviously banned from our packaging.

A purchase = a beneficial action for the oceans!

At the end of your order on our website, we offer you a donation for an association (thanks to our partner Allcolibri). Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to choose between 2 beneficial actions for the planet

- restore 10cm2 of coral with the association Ocean Gardener 

- remove 100g of plastic from the oceans with the Clean Ocean Force association .

At Nénés we try to improve ourselves more and more to achieve a neutral carbon impact and help the planet to restore itself.

Accompany our customers after their purchase

Because buying an eco-responsible product is not enough, we are committed to educating the customer and supporting her in the maintenance of her garment.

During machine washes, micro particles detach from clothes and underwear, slip through pipes to end their life in rivers and oceans. In addition, lace lingerie, being very delicate, can cling to a closure or even get stuck in the drum of the machine. We therefore suggest that you add a GUPPYFRIEND® washing bag to your order, which protects both the planet and your underwear, it has been designed to retain particles and avoid friction inside the washing machine. machine, its effectiveness has been scientifically proven.

Ready to become a bomb without blowing up the planet?

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