At Nénés, we love beautiful materials. Those that are soft, comfortable to wear and, above all, those that last and respect the environment. Indeed, we have chosen to use only recycled, upcycled, organic or natural fibers. A quick overview of our most beautiful materials!

Linen or nothing

An eco-responsible material par excellence , linen is a natural and plant-based material particularly appreciated in the textile industry. And for good reason: hyper-resistant, thermo-regulating, local, recyclable and very water-efficient , linen has it all! In addition, its cultivation does not require any pesticides and is satisfied with rainwater only . The icing on the cake: linen helps absorb nearly 250,000 tonnes of CO₂ each year in France , the leading linen producing country in the world! At Nénés, we love using it for our loungewear and beachwear, especially for ourSusan skirt or our Victoria blouses.

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Cute cotton

Cotton, no, but organic cotton, yes! If it has a bad press, in particular because its large-scale production is extremely water-intensive. Cotton can be a respectful and eco-responsible material when grown properly. This natural plant material, when it is organic, helps limit the environmental impact linked to its cultivation. More ecological and ethical , the cultivation of organic cotton is done without pesticides, GMOs and other abrasive chemical insecticides , which are as harmful to human health as to that of soils and ecosystems. In addition, this method of agriculture saves water compared to a conventional method of agriculture!

And above all, we like to vary it in several aspects! Find it for example in a ribbed version on our Thelma bralette, in an openwork version on our Alma cardigan, in a terrycloth version on our Macadamia jumpsuit or even in a honeycomb version on our Borneo set.

Soft bamboo

Bamboo is an excellent alternative to less eco-responsible textile materials, provided that it comes from eco-managed forests , as is the case at Nénés. In addition, bamboo is a plant that grows very quickly. It does not need much water and does not require any fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. When it is organic, the exploitation of this plant is beneficial for the soils on which it is cultivated: bamboo has regenerative properties allowing it to eliminate certain toxins and restore soil health!

In addition to being flexible and light but very strong , the textile fibers obtained from bamboo are extremely soft to the touch . Better yet: they have the advantage of being naturally anti-bacterial !

To stay cozy this fall, discover our soft Ben set made from organic bamboo fibers from FSC-certified forests.

Recycled fibers, our best allies

If our ready-to-wear is mainly made up of eco-responsible materials such as linen, organic cotton or bamboo, our lingerie and swimwear are made almost exclusively from recycled fibers ! And why do we favor recycling? Quite simply because it is the most responsible mode of production and consumption to date ! Indeed, reusing existing materials allows us to reduce our waste , preserve precious resources , particularly water and electricity, and limit our overall environmental impact .

But that's not all ! All our recycled materials are GRS (Global Recycle Standard) certified , which allows us to guarantee compliance with strict environmental and social criteria during the production of these materials.

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At Nénés, we devote all our efforts to sourcing the most beautiful materials that are both ethical and aesthetic .

So, you will understand, we love beauty, goodness and above all beauty that feels good!