Recycling for sustainable fashion

At Nénés Paris, we have chosen to only use recycled materials to make our lingerie and swimwear. For what ? We explain everything about the benefits of recycling and our eco-responsible production method!

The clothing sector: a nightmare for the environment

It's no longer a secret: the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world . Certainly, it is extremely greedy in raw materials, water and fossil fuels. In particular, it emits 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases per year. That's more than international flights and maritime traffic combined.

In addition, it has created a new major problem: clothing waste . Indeed, the intensive creation and consumption of clothing is accompanied by a global increase in the volume of waste. A shocking figure: every year we throw away 80% of the clothing produced and still wearable in the trash. The observation is therefore clear: the clothing industry has an extremely high carbon footprint and contributes greatly to the disasters of global warming.

Recycling: our remedy for virtual production

At Nénés Paris, our dearest wish is to offer fashion that respects the environment. All without ever compromising on style! Our rule: recycle waste so that none of our creations require the production of new material ! This is why 80% of our models, from the main materials to the linings, are made from recycled fibers . The remaining 20%, like our Mimosa pants, are made with cotton from dormant stocks or linen . One thing is certain: whether they are recycled or upcycled, all our materials are European and GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified , an additional guarantee for compliance with social and environmental criteria!

Like our fabrics, our production is also 100% European ! We manufacture our collections in France and Portugal, in hand-picked workshops.

But how does recycling work?

Before becoming pretty Nénés lingerie and swim sets, our fabrics (tulle, lace, etc.) were... ends of fabric rolls and plastic bottles ! Our partner workshops (Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.) take care of recovering plastic and textile waste. They will then clean them, grind them then melt them to return them to fiber state. Thus, we obtain new spools of thread for making our products!

Are you wondering if these processes and recycled materials are harmful to your health? Rest assured, the answer is no ! Our entire production chain complies with strict standards which guarantee total safety . Also, in order to best respect your privacy, the gussets of all our panties are made of organic cotton. From then on, you can adopt our recycled fiber models without fear. In addition, you will receive them packaged in packaging that is also recycled and recyclable !

And concretely, what does that change?

Indeed, recycling is currently the most responsible mode of production and consumption. Certainly, using existing materials allows you to limit your environmental impact and preserve water and electricity resources . For example, the recycled polyamide fiber we use is recognized as the fiber with the lowest environmental impact in the world. It produces 45% less CO2 emissions and consumes 39% less water than any other traditional polyamide fiber.

And because we can never say it enough:
nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed !