Nénés x Lison Seb - The Christmas collab

It is through our common love for the south, the sea and the sun that this collaboration between Nénés Paris and Lison Seb has become obvious. Meeting with Lison to learn more about her and the collab!

Hello Lison, for those who don't know you, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Lison Sebellin, I come from Nice and I have lived there since I was very young. I'm a content creator on social networks but basically, it's not at all what I had planned!

I studied to become a nurse and graduated in 2018. After that, I worked mainly in geriatrics with people with Alzheimer's disease. Instagram came to me when I was not expecting it at all and it was more and more present. In 2020, I decided to quit my job as a nurse to focus on content creation.

Why did you choose to change jobs?

It's a passion job! I have loved photos since childhood thanks to my father who has always immersed me in this universe. Besides, today I work with my parents because we have always liked the same things and it is they who gave birth to this artistic side in me.

I also really like being independent. This job allows me to do what I love: being in Nice, in my beloved south, with my loved ones: my parents, my dog ​​Simone and my friends, and also travelling.

How would you define your style?

It's a difficult question, I don't think I have a particular style. I love oversize, but that's not everything! I clearly work from the heart, while always trying to be chic and relaxed.

Tell us your story with Nenes

My story with Nénés dates back to 2019 , it was the beginning for them and for me too! They had sent me their first jerseys. I had worn them all summer, I loved them.

I remember that I had shot the burgundy polka dot jersey in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat with my old dog. It's a nice memory for me.

The story continued year after year, until this summer when we thought of a co-creation capsule .

What is the mood of this lingerie and loungewear capsule?

The universe of the collection is soft, refined, chic and sunny. We used a lot of blues for the sea, the blue sky and the south, all of that is very dear to us. Lingerie is tricky, we wanted something feminine without being too sexy. And I believe that the bet is successful!

Nénés is a committed brand. How are the products of your collaboration eco-responsible?

Our lingerie sets are made in Lisbon in a specialist lingerie workshop. As for pyjamas, they are made in France.

In terms of materials, they are all European. The lingerie is made of recycled fibers and the pyjamas are made of upcycled cotton , which makes it possible not to create new materials.

In terms of morphologies, have you thought about satisfying several women?

Yes of course, we tried to satisfy as many women as possible. The sets range from 34 to 42 and from cups A to E for the bras.

For me it was very important that there be bras that highlight large breasts but also smaller ones. And in the end I am delighted because the sets go to everyone. We imagined a navy blue model all in lace, which is underwired, it's the one that holds the most. And for the second model we imagined a top in a lighter blue, in two materials, halfway between a triangle top and a bra, which maintains just as well. Both are super comfortable !

On the bottom side, there is also something for everyone with a tanga and panties.

And for pyjamas, it's an oversized shirt and flared pants that suit all body types !

It's a big plus, I'm delighted to be able to offer all this to my community and I hope to satisfy as many girls as possible.

What is your favorite piece ?

I love them all, but I admit that I have a little crush on the navy blue Armaturé set . I find it timeless and unique at the same time. I love everything: its color, its lace, its shape and the panties that accompany it. In addition, I find that it really suits many body types and can be suitable for women of all ages.

Can you give us tips for wearing the pyjamas outside?

I'm definitely going to wear it very easily outside this summer! The open shirt over a T-shirt with a pair of sandals or simply the shirt with denim shorts or high-waisted jeans. We're not there yet but I love giving my clothes several lives so I can't wait! For now, I love curling up in it at home.

With this collaboration Nénés then tries to convey its message of environmental preservation to the young and fashionable community that Lison Seb embodies on his Instagram account. Because consuming less but better is possible!

Find the Nénés Paris x Lison Seb collaboration on Sunday at 10 a.m.