Our engagements

To make no compromise between style and eco-responsibility, we take on a daily basis and since our beginnings, several commitments.

  • A reasoned collection rhythm

  • Going against the current of fast-fashion which encourages excessive consumption, we only offer 5 collections a year : a collection of swimwear, one of beachwear, one of loungewear and two lingerie collections: one in winter and one in summer. To bring you new things more often, we sometimes split a collection into two releases.

    By proposing a reasoned collection rhythm, we do not encourage overconsumption but rather thoughtful and responsible purchases. The idea being to consume less but better .

  • A short circuit

  • Our models are made in France or Portugal , in factories with which we have been working since our beginnings, in exclusively European materials (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France)! In addition, all our models are transported to our warehouse in Bordeaux by truck. In the same logic, we deliver in Europe only to ban air travel.

  • Committed partners

  • Our partners are committed and hand-picked ! For us, it is essential to work with factories, brands and employees who share our values ​​and who are close to us.

    Because our lace and clothing factories are located in Europe, we can visit them regularly and ensure the quality of their work and their environment. For these journeys, we use the train or the car, and avoid air travel as much as possible. For example, we recently traveled to Milan by train, to visit our lace factories, and took advantage of a magnificent journey in the heart of the mountains: enough to amaze!

    Our factories are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), REACH and Social & Labor Convergence certified . These certifications allow us to guarantee good social, environmental and chemical practices during the production of our materials and models. Concretely, no risk is taken, neither for the man nor for the environment.

  • Eco-responsible materials

  • 98% of our models are made from recycled fibers : from the main materials to the linings! In fact, why recreate when you can reuse something that already exists?

    As for the remaining 2%, they are made of natural materials such as organic cotton or linen... We select our materials carefully so that they are eco-responsible. A so-called eco-responsible material is a material that has the least impact on the planet. It can be local, recycled, low water consumption or even sustainable .

    Not to mention that our recycled materials are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified , an additional guarantee of compliance with environmental and social criteria .

  • One purchase = one action
  • We are always trying to improve. To educate our customers , we remind you at the end of the basket that each purchase has an impact and must be considered. To offset part of this impact and help, on our scale, we have joined forces with Allcolibri to work for the protection of the planet and our ecosystems.

    As soon as you place an order on our site, you have the opportunity to choose between 2 beneficial actions for the planet :
    - Restore 10cm² of coral with the Ocean Gardener association.
    - Remove 100g of plastic from the oceans with the Clean Ocean Force association .